Saturday, August 26, 2006

Free Street Meat

Last night I actually talked the street meat vendor into giving me a free one. I had just come from the trés chic guest list only spt. The Pink Elephant . For being one of those stuck-up spots it was actually pretty fun. They played some pretty bumpin house music and at the pinnacles of key songs thay had a big horn they blared which surged your adrenaline and sounded vaguely like an elephant. I was also amazed at the number of bus boys and sweepers running around. So the club always appeared clean and tidy. This is the kind of place where it is ok to dance with someone elses girl and stand on the expensive furniture. Oh and they have a snow machine! And it comes down about once an hour but the snaow is so fine it is like snow molecules.


Tonight my friend, Ed is having his 31st birthday party at KEYBAR 13th between 1st and A. They are really good friends of mine and winners of City Search's Best Signature Drink 2005 . This is a bar everyone should check out because they have 2 for 1 drinks every day from 6 - 10.

Also tonight: Launch of the new SweetSpot party at the Millionaires Club - 83 Worth Street between Broadway and Church.
-House, Mixed, Hip Hop, Reggae, 80's Music, Pop, International

Best part about this is that rumor has it there will be a musical performance by the only NYC legend you can see every night of the week, Jean Claude the Funky Pirate . I am a pretty good aquaintance of his and I have never seen him without at least a tri-corned hat.


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