Sunday, August 27, 2006

Boldish moves

Nublu Music Festival.

First and foremost I would really like to say that this event on labor day weekend should be pretty nice. Jesse from the Brazilian girls is performing. That guy from wax poetic and a bunch of other stuff.


The second thing I am thinking about is how I am in love with this guy that I don't even know. I meet guys all the time and I don't really feel anything. The first second I saw this guy at a bar I wanted to get to know him better and I really liked his smile. Not to mention he was tall, tan and tattooed. We had an amazing, sensual, SEXLESS night that I can't get out of my head. This was over two weeks ago.


Tomer Hanuka is this really ill illustrator in Brooklyn. His digital coloring is some of the best that I have ever seen. He makes great use of limited palettes and his sense of color is sharp and vibrant. Not to mention he can draw like its going out of style.


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Charli3 said...

Er hum... I'll just comment on the art work. You girls (woman? what would be right? oh dear) Your obsessed with your love life.

Guys never obsess about anything.. well maybe themselves.. and sports and money.. sometimes money 'n' looks yeah sometimes looks and ...

Love the art work. The second Illustration with it's "gay" colours and horror content of Zombies ripping at people.
I Like that! I'll check out the site.