Monday, August 28, 2006


If I could freelance design for just three companies they would definitely be the following.

Chandelier Creative
The Love Brigade
The Happy Corp

Of all the companies that I have met come across these three have the best most innovative design and the coolest staff and work envioronment.

Chandelier Creative has no work samples on their website. But they are made up of the staff of the late Suede Magazine. They are a small advertising design boutique located in an ll white interior right above Taj on 21st street. Their style is organic and artful and they have the best looking media kit I have ever seen. A black 2 ft high document box with their whimsical logo screened in white on the front. The whole thing is tied closed with a white silk ribbon and when you open this somber box it is lined with a hot pink damask print paper. An there work is slickly presented in a simple 2 ft high staple stitched book on matt stock. I have talked to them a few times and although they seemed to like me a union has never come to fruition.

The Love Brigade is a hot clothing line with an online boutique as well as a store in Williamsburg. Time out New York says, "They are medieval meets rock and roll". They are still a young company but they have a solidly established look and branding and they are making moves to sponsor a lot of bands. They are heavily music influenced and the hard working and dexterious principals are doing there best to make this company a future force to be reckoned with. I have been talking with them recently trying to get them to take me on for print collateral and designs to be screen printed on apparell.

The Happy Corp is awesome. These guys do anything and everything as long as it is fun. I dont know how they pay the rent on their 2 floor studio off of spring street. The look is kind of like college bachelor pad meets kool-aid acid test. The ominous glass door has a full cover decal in hot pink with just a smiley face on it. They light the place with chandelliers spraypainted in flourescent hues. The mood is nuts but they actually really hard and they represent some pretty cool clients. They are heavy into web development. I wanted to work with them on a project that promoting public breast-feeding but I think they went with someone else.


Last night I went out with this guy I met last week. He was one of the most attractive men I have ever met but unfortunately certifiably nuts. Although he initially came off to me polished and smoothe he had a terrible sordid past that haunted his present. His heroin addict mother abanded him at 4 at which point he bounced around with abusive foster parents and soon turned to crack dealing and gun-slinging. He was in Rikers by 13. Not to mention he was a complete zealot who argued that he didn't believe that the sun would ever turn into a supernova that would destroy the earth and that evolution was a farce. I tried to tell him that evolution didn't stop and that people are actually taller than they were 300 years ago. He said that the only way to prove that would be to have measured each and every person so I tried to explain that you just needed a census of height to find the mean and compare that with an appropriate mean of todays records—and people actually kept pretty good records 300 years ago. But he was too crazy to hear it. Not too mention he was a complete megalomaniac (probably to deal with his feelings of abondonment and inadequecy). Over dinner he also told me about a recent bout with chlymidia. At the end of the night he told me he wanted to have sex. O hell no. Dating sucks.


BigTallDonkey said...

You are a heathen and lucky you didnt get murdered by Jack the AO-Ripper.

Charli3 said...

Your fella does seem a bit nuts, someone to be pitied, but from afar. Don’t let that put you off the creation idea. He does seem to fear facts a little, well they can be manipulated by everyone creationists to evolutionists, so give him that one.
As for bigtalldonkey they may be a relation "You are a heathen... Jack the AO-Ripper" a person of few words and sadly still to many.

d3velop said...

You've started an interesting blog. I like your insight with your top 3 workplaces. I worked in fashion design in NYC for a whiles... It's tough to find a good environment above all else.

As for your date... Hmmm, I met a girl a last year that dint believe stars really existed... like "space is ALL space, that's why it's called that." Get those two together in a padded room.

I post design, fashion, and some NYC stuff on my blog if you're interested.