Friday, September 15, 2006

Riding the waves

Career wise things are on the up. I am now working with one of my dream companies, Love Brigade. My boss-lady is really cool. In fact I saw her out at the bars in Williamsburg the other night.

I also got to give a shout out to one of the best restaurants in Manhattan. Ivo and Lulu. They are good friends of mine and it is BYOB no corking fee gourmet organic French-Caribbean cuisine that aint that expensive. Eat there.

Do you know what else is good? DJBNX of the Zimpala group. Another good friend but also a seasoned DJ and he throws the best wine tastings. He did an awesome set at nublu that incorporated everything from jazz, salsa, rap, and some of the rarest records he could get his frenchie fingers on. You can book him for your next event when he returns to America in December. He will also be doing a couple of swinging wine-tastings that I will be keeping you updated on. I reccomend track 5, 10, 11.

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Nicole Willis - Feeling Free) Track 1

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Nephews of Phela - Mulah) Track 2

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Spirit Catcher - Rise and Shine) Track 3

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Peven Everett - Stuck - Phil Asher) Track 4

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Rockysopp - What Else is there? - Trentemoller) Track 5

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Innocent Sorcerers - One dollar race) Track 6

DJ BNX - Live Mix (VoomVoom - Sao Verought) Track 7

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Laurentius - Karate Samba - Science Fiction) Track 8

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Azymuth - Roda Piao - Spiritual Youth) Track 9

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Zero dB -Bongos Bleeps and Basslines) Track 10

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Makossa & Megablast - Kunuaka) Track 11

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Dj Gregory - S2) Track 12

DJ BNX - Live Mix (Russ GHabriel feat.Corrina Joseph - Patience) Track 13

DJ BNX - Live Mix (A taste of honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie) Track 14

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