Sunday, September 03, 2006


I had a crazy week. And everywhere I went I put on my sunglasses and danced like they had never seen before. I went out with my newly formed female entourage and partied A-list style. But I got sick of it and last night I was itching to go out by myself. I know alot of people think it is dangerous, but it is my own personal adventure. I put on head to toe black and my sneakers (nothing sexy) and I went to Brooklyn. I rocked "Trouble and Bass" party at Boogaloo till about 5 am. These Trouble and Bass guys grime sound was no joke.

They also had a whole lot of energy and they had the whole crowd sweating like slaves. The set-up at Boogaloo is also very intimate. The DJs are on pretty much the same level as you. and then I went around the corner and danced salsa merengue until 8 am. I didn't spend a dollar and I love the way my body feels weak after dancing so hard. This is definitely a party I will hit next month. I hope to also hit it solo so I don't have to talk for the whole night.

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alexandra said...

ahhh - i am loving your blog ms pony. have you ever checked out the rub @ southpaw - those guys kill it and it is def a night to represent in either heels or sneaks and dance dance dance!!!

thanks for the heads up on the syrup girls.