Monday, September 04, 2006

RE:Think RE:Design RE:Construct

This is apparently a "chin-strap". A new non invasive way to treat malocclusion caused by TMJ in Guinea pigs. It provides support to the jaw, encourages normal wear of the teeth, and helps build muscle.

DangerDoom - Sofa King

I got this excellent new book. RE:THINK RE:DESIGN RE:CONSTRUCT—How top designers create bold new york by RE:INTERPRETING original designs It presents an collection of real executed designs that are given to several other designers to re-interpret. In addition to a collected look at what some top new york designers are putting together this book also has a lively "Q&A" for each work and a contributors contact list in the back. Booy-a-ka.


onemargaret said...

I like your site. It's content is indeed interesting, especially that movie clip from "Carrie." My daughter has a Guinea Pig and that harness looks like it hurts. Also, the Guinea Pig in the picture doesn't look too happy. Check out my site and comment accordingly. I'll be back!

mousie said...

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