Friday, November 24, 2006

Ponies are the new hotness

I see ponies. Here are just a couple of instances.

The New Young Pony Club's video for Ice cream.

Madonna's most recent tour Confessions on a dance floor was one of the best and sexiest live performances I have ever seen in my life. It was also very horse influence. In the background you cannot see but there are several straight minutes of vintage footage of horses and riders falling. Probably very hard to find and it was edited and color managed beautifully to produce an organic silvery feel. No YouTube video does the experience of being there justice. And I had no idea she was gonna come out of the disco ball because it was up there for an hour before the show started.

Of course the pony sneakers.

And the infamous International Pony.

Then the return of the Polo "Big Pony" shirt.

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Te'DeVan said...

I know what the dance floor is for. When I get my sneakers I dance to the point of them falling. I am a buckem bronco coming out of the gate wild yet precise in my movements. I dance all around the world and everywhere I go I carry the beat in my head and it just flows with me. Perhaps an impromptu dance off til the point of collapse. I hope all is well and send Union Square Park my love