Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm Back..

Haven't posted in a while. I have been really busy living. So busy I accidentally missed The Knife.

# # #

I have been feeling really proactive recently and have been making leaps and bounds with my graphic design. My nerdiness has paid off and now I am also really fast at execution and my time-mangement. What I really want to do is start something of my own. I'm feeling empowered while listening to Dr. Israel

Dr. Israel - Black Rose Liberation
and just for fun
Dr. Israel - Sensi Man

# # #

And if you have nothing planned for Sunday there is a free show at Plan B and TC Izlam is gonna be there.

One of the most famous DnB/Jungle MCs around. Did alot of great work in the 90s with Carlos Soul Slinger and Liquid Sky records (Who by the way is trying to get started up again and is soon releasing a Classics LP). And TC is the son of Afrika Bambaataa.

Below is a video clip with him freestylin in his Seattle home. He can sometimes walk that thin line between brilliant and annoying and sadly I think his friend here, Merciful is a little bit wack. Fortunately he wont be there but TC Izlam usually brings a lot of B-Boys out the woodwork so needless-to-say it should be an interesting evening.

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