Thursday, November 16, 2006


So this week I tried to branch out and try out some new spots that I don't really go to.

Fontanas - most likely only ok if you are going to a specific party that is held in the downstairs area. The people upstairs were boring and super-wasted.

Happy Ending - I don't know if I can stress how cute the door-guy was. For that reason alone I would go back. I checked out their downstairs area which was really cool. I took a peek in one of their vacant red-lit VIP rooms that look like the kind of place that inmates would shower and some stupid guys rudely stopped me because they had it reserved. Okay collared shit man, you weren't even using it and I was just looking. That is why no girls are talking to you up-tight egotistical pricks. The only consolation was seeing the cute door guy on my way out. Hmmph.

Le Souk - Always jumping and I hadn't been there in so long. They had an OK dance/house DJ but also two great conga/djimbe drummers who were keeping the vibe live. Also good to see the old familliar faces of the Stuy-Town veterans which haunt that block.

Drop the Lime - Firetruk (by the Infants) remix

Trentemoller - We Share Our Mothers Health (by the Knife) remix

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